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The following price list provides an overview of the most important mountains and itineraries in Switzerland. Prices are valid from standard points of departure. If other points of departure are chosen, prices may be higher. In case of doubt, current prices are provided for individual cantons, valleys and areas.

Daily costs for the services of a mountain guide are set at CHF 450.- to CHF 840.-

In addition, certain conditions exist regarding the hiring of guides, tour cancellation fees in the event of inclement weather, customer's non-compliance with commitments, and guides' arrival times. Such costs are generally for the account of the customer.

In other respects, special terms and conditions apply to the hiring of a guide for a commitment of several days, on premature termination of the tour due to inclement weather, on client’s non-fulfilment of the commitment or on travelling days of the guide.

It is important that these points are settled when agreeing on a commitment, for example by accepting the „General Terms and Conditions for Swiss Mountain Guides“ of the Swiss Mountain Guides Association as terms of the contract. A brief written confirmation of the mandate helps prevent misunderstandings.



Diablerets chemin ordinaire depuis la cabane des Diablerets 3209 645
Diablerets depuis le refuge de Pierredar 3209 645
Culan traversée Tête Ronde-Diablerets 3209 670
Quille du Diable et le sommet des Diablerets 3209 645
Dent de Morcies grande voie normale 2969 645
Dent de Morcies petite "voie ""Forteresse du Vide""" 2936 670
Grand Muveran voie normale 3051 645
Grand Muveran par la Frête de Saille 3051 670
Arête Vierge du col du Pacheu à la Tête à Pierre Grept 2903 670
Voies du Miroir d’Argentine "voie ""Normale"", ""Directe"", ""Remix""" 2323 645
Voies du Miroir d’Argentine "voie ""Zygofolis""" 2323 645
Miroir d’Argentine "voie ""Mamba""" 2323 670
Traversée de l'Argentine ds n'importe quel sens 2421 645
Nombreuses voies en jardins d’escalade et falaises 550
Vias Ferrata de Leysin, Les Diablerets, Rougemont et Moléson par personne ou 550.-
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